A New Look at our Best Spaces Contemporary Caribbean Architecture Featured in MACO magazine While we were all on Christmas break, our Minimalist Christmas Tree was off becoming famous! Minimalist Tree Part 2 How to Create your own Minimalist's Tree by acla:works acla:works’ Christmas Recipe: The Minimalist’s Tree As an architect of over forty years standing Brian Lewis eats, sleeps and breathes design. He takes enormous pleasure from encountering an expertly conceived building, whether or not it’s one that he’s happened to have worked on. His eye for detail is impeccable, and he’ll note how natural light changes the perception of a structure throughout the day, and appreciate the way that a building has been designed to relate to the landscape around it... Featured in Hasselblad! T&T Institue of Architects Supplement, Monday October 25 1993 vintage reading a timeline 70 years of works a case study of acla:works office renovation applying the triple bottom line to construction why sustainable design matters 5 trends reshaping traditional living spaces the shift to urban apartment living navigating one of the most critical steps of project development how to hire an architect 5 things happening now in caribbean offices caribbean office design trends Author, Contemporary Caribbean Architecture Interview with Brian Lewis Good design also promotes strong branding. Creating value with good design five steps to avoid failure The design process